Sunday, 15 April 2012

How to Chalk Dye Your Hair :)

Really want to have some fun with your hair without colour commitment? These easy 10 steps will tell you how to do it, without damaging your lovely locks ;)

1. Get Some Chalk.

Firstly, you'll need to buy some chalks. You can use sidewalk chalk, but I discovered that soft chalk artist pastels work best.

2. Soggy and soaked.

Now you need to either soak your chalk in water or wet small sections of your hair. I'd recommend soaking the chalk in water. If you do decide to do this, sidewalk chalk has to be soaked A LOT longer than pastels.

3. Rubadubdub.

Once you've soaked the chalk or wet your hair, rub it into the sections of your hair you wish to dye.

4. Change!

It also looks GREAT if you change colours of the chalk :) :) So now pick a different colour (if you wish) and do the same! :) :)

5. Dry- Hair dryer.

Now dry your hair. The next four steps will tell you different ways to do so. If you want to keep the way your hair is looking then just use a hairdryer to dry the chalk.

6. Dry- Simply Straighty

Having this style straightened, looks really cute! So if the hair drying style ain't working for you, then go straight! Simply straighten over the chalk highlights and WAHLAH! :)

7. Dry- Curly Queen.

Still don't have that hot highlighted style you hoped for? Then pop in some crazy curls!! :) :) :) Again, just curl over the chalk bits you added and there you go!

Dry- It's a Wavy World!

This next luscious look makes you hair really pop! Try going wavy with your chalk highlights. To start off, you'll need to dry your hair with a hairdryer. Now, make two side french braids with your hair and leave them in for 6-8 hours which is why it's easier to go to sleep with this hairstyle and wake up in the morning with luscious waves!. If you're not sure how to do french braids then check out this video---------->

9. Dry- Cool Crimps.

This last drying idea is to go crimped! All you need to do, is crimp your hair! :) :) :)

10. SHOW 'EM OFF! :)

Now all that's left to do is show off your highlighted hair! Where it to school, local clubs or anything else! 

Have  fun!!



  1. Does it work on curly hair, and can I just blow dry it without any of the other options? Thanks!

  2. This is awesome! I'm going to definetly try this!

  3. Thanks Jenna! Whatanerdiam, yes you can just blow dry it! Hope you have fun chalking!

  4. So pretty! Thank you for the tips, gonna get a set of hair chalk

  5. That's great JenniferIsAwesome! Hope it looks great!:)

  6. Wow I really wanna try this it looks fab how it look in a ponytail and how long do they stsy in xx

  7. Hey Ellie! They will usually stay in until they get wet, or brushed for AGES! :)Have fun!:)

  8. OMG LOVE IT. I do this before school by taking a small section of my hair bringing it to the front and chalk dying it. While it dries i curl the rest of my hair and put it in a ponytail.

  9. Hi Nerdygirl! Thanks for your comment, that hairstyle sounds great!:):)